Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It is matter of great pleasure to bring on record the grand performance of 59 member Indian Skating Team that won laurel at 14th Asian Roller Sports Championship held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 18-25 July 2010.

Out of 59 players, 50 players won medals i.e. 85% players returned with medal for India, while remaining 9 players attained between 4th to 8th positions as their best performance in various speed skating races.
This result clearly indicates that similar or a better feat will be performed by The Indian Team when it goes to play at 15th Asian Games being held in November 2010 in China(???). 
Team is putting its best efforts at practice.

Briefly the Indian Team Results for last Asians in July 2010 are given as hereunder:

  • Men Roller Hockey and Inline Hockey Events Indian Teams won Bronze Medals.
  • In Women Roller Hockey event the Indian Women team won the Silver Medal.
  • In Artistic Skating India won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals.
  • In Speed Skating India won 15 Bronze medals.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Men's Indian Team in the B-World Cup in Dornbirn, Austria

Men's Team in the B-World Cup in Dornbirn, Austria

में'स टीम इन थे बी-वर्ल्ड कप इन दोर्न्बिर्ण, ऑस्ट्रिया

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who will succeed to Haryana in the Indian Championship

Last months Indian Roller Hockey had some local tournaments, and of course the participation of the National Men's Team in the B-World Cup in Dornbirn, Austria and the National Women's Team in Women World Cup in Albobendas, Spain.

Now all the Indian teams are starting to preparing to the biggest Indian Championship, i.e., the National Championship. We would like to inform next weeks, untill the beggining of this tournament about all the details, teams, players, rink, sponsors...

We are thinking to do the best ever promotion and monitoring to an Indian Championship, so we need all the kind of help untill January.
If you know something important send us an email, please.

Don't Forget, Let's Roll Together


Final Match Photos of 1st Roller Hockey League

फिनाल मैच फोटोस ऑफ़ १श्र्ट रोलर होककेय लीगुए

Thursday, November 25, 2010


In September 2010, Jammu State organized all India open championship 'GOLD CUP'.
In this championship top 4 clubs of India participated:

  • Addiction roller hockey club of jammu  
  • Champs club of jammu  
  • snipers club of Chandigarh
  • Punjab police club
The final Classification of this championship was:
1st place: Addiction roller hockey club
2nd place: Champs Club
3rd place: Punjab police Club
4th place: Snipers Club

इन सितम्बर २०१०
जम्मू स्टेट ओर्गानिज़ेद अल इंडिया ओपन चम्पिओंशिप 'गोल्ड कप'
इन थिस चम्पिओंशिप टॉप ४ क्लुब्स ऑफ़ इंडिया पर्तिसिपतेद
ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब ऑफ़ जम्मू , चम्प्स क्लब ऑफ़ जम्मू , स्निपेर्स क्लब ऑफ़ चंडीगढ़ एंड पुनजब पोलिसे क्लब
इन थिस चम्पिओंशिप :-
ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब वों गोल्ड

चम्प्स क्लब वों सिल्वर
पुनजब पोलिसे टीम वों ब्रोंज़े

Liga OK Virtual - The biggest Roller Hockey World Contest

For the ones that are interested for the results of international roller hockey, will start this weekend in the biggest Roller Hockey website, CumHoquei a weekly betting game, Liga OK Virtual.
In the end that ones that will have more points will win a prize, like mobilphones.
The participation is free and you just need to register in the Cum chat, sending an email to penuca@uniaomicaelense.com with your name,club,reasons to your participation,user name and password.
After the registration you choose one of the six matches presents in the betting of the week, and write the final result in the Chat.
You should play all the weeks.

Lets play and Roll together in the World

Tuesday, November 23, 2010




आड्डीटीण रोलर होककेय क्लब वों थे मस्सूउरे ओपन चम्पिओंशिप
बात थे चंडीगढ़ टीम इन फिनाल्स, थे सकारे वास ८-३

अ.म.उ वों थे थिर्द प्लेस, बात डेल्ही टीम.
१स्त रोलर होककेय लीगुए रेसुल्ट्स :-

इन सेनिओर बोयस-
विन्नेर- ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब, जम्मू
रुन्नेर उप- अलीगढ मुस्लिम उनिवेर्सित्य, अलीगढ
टॉप ३ स्कोरर
१- जुगराज सिंह (चार्ली) (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - २३ गोअल्स
२- राहुल शर्मा (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - १३ गोअल्स
३- अर्विन्दीप सिंह (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - ११ गोअल्स

इन जुनिओर बोयस-
विन्नेर- जुनिओर ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब., जम्मू
रुन्नेर उप- रोलर अथलेते स्कतिंग क्लब, जम्मू
टॉप ३ स्कोरर
१- राहिल (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - १२ गोअल्स
२- रुपिनेर सिंह (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - ७ गोअल्स
३- वासु (ऄदिक्तिओन रोलर होककेय क्लब) - २ गोअल्स

इन सुब-जुनिओर गिर्ल्स-
विन्नेर- य.र.स.क. (अ) , जम्मू
रुन्नेर उप- य.र.स.क. (बी) , जम्मू
टॉप ३ स्कोरर
१- सिमरन ( य.र.स.क. 'अ') - ५ गोअल्स
२- गर्विता एंड आयुषी (य.र.स.क. 'बी') - २ गोअल्स याच
३- सृष्टि ( य.र.स.क. 'अ') एंड पार्थिवी ( य.र.स.क. 'बी') - १ गोअल याच

इन सुब-जुनिओर बोयस-
विन्नेर- य.र.स.क. (अ) , जम्मू
रुन्नेर उप- ब्लाज़िंग ब्लुएस , जम्मू
टॉप ३ स्कोरर
१- राहुल -(ईन्दिअन .र.स.क.) -११ गोअल्स
२- ध्रुव (य.र.स.क. 'अ') -८ गोअल्स
३- नाचिकेत (य.र.स.क. 'अ') -५ गोअल्स

इन इन्लिने सेनिओर बोयस-
विन्नेर- एन्विरोंमेंतल स्कतिंग क्लब, जम्मू
रुन्नेर उप- ईन्दिअन रोलर स्कतिंग क्लब, जम्मू
टॉप ३ स्कोरर
१- राजीव ( एन्विरोंमेंतल स्कतिंग क्लब ) - ३ गोअल्स
२- देविंदर पल सिंह, जसमीत सिंह ( एन्विरोंमेंतल स्कतिंग क्लब) एंड मनप्रीत सिंह, वेवेक, जोश पल सिंह ( ईन्दिअन रोलर स्कतिंग क्लब) - १ गोअल याच

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Addiction Roller Hockey Club wins the 1st Roller Hockey League

1st roller hockey league results :

In senior boys:
Winner- Addiction Roller Hockey Club, jammu
Runner up- Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Top 3 Scorer
1- JUGRAAJ SINGH,Charlie (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 23 Goals
2- RAHUL SHARMA (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 13 Goals
3- ARVINDEEP SINGH (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 11 Goals

In junior boys:
Winner- Junior Addiction Roller Hockey Club., jammu
Runner up- Roller Athlete Skating Club, jammu

Top 3 Scorer
1- RAHIL (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 12 Goals
2- RUPINER SINGH (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 7 Goals
3- VASU (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 2 Goals

In sub-junior girls:
Winner- Y.R.S.C. (A) , jammu
Runner up- Y.R.S.C. (B) , jammu
Top 3 Scorer
1- SIMRAN ( Y.R.S.C. 'A') - 5 Goals
2- GARVITA and AYUSHI (Y.R.S.C. 'B') - 2 goals EACH
3- SRISHTI ( Y.R.S.C. 'A') and PAARTHIVI ( Y.R.S.C. 'B') - 1 Goal EACH

In sub-junior boys:
Winner- Y.R.S.C. (A) , jammu
Runner up- Blazing Blues , jammu

Top 3 Scorer
1- RAHUL -(Indiana .R.S.C.) -11 Goals
2- DHRUV (Y.R.S.C. 'A') -8 Goals
3- NACHIKET (Y.R.S.C. 'A') -5 Goals

In inline senior boys:
Winner- Environmental skating Club, jammu
Runner up- Indiana Roller Skating Club, jammu
Top 3 scorer
1- RAJEEV ( Environmental skating Club ) - 3 Goals
2- DEVINDER PAL SINGH, JASMEET SINGH ( Environmental skating Club) and MANPREET SINGH, VEVEK, JOSH PAL SINGH ( Indiana Roller Skating Club) - 1 Goal EACH

info about AMU in http://indiaeducationdiary.in/ShowEE.asp?newsid=4518

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Supporting our Blog

After a week since the begging of our blog, the statistics are incredible.
Just in a week almost 600 page views, from 20 different countries!

It seems that this blog will have the success that we expect, and we hope that some Roller Hockey Companies can look at this, and wish to support our blog.

So if you have any company, and if you are interested to see it image in our blog just contact us!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

1st Roller Hockey League in Jammu City

And nothing better to start, than a tournament in India, between next 12th and 14th of November.
Will be held in Jammu City.

Ver mapa maior

There will be four teams disputing the title: Adiction Roller Hockey Club, Champs Club of Jammu, A.M.U. and Delhi Team.

A.M.U. players will be: 
1.ahmad baig
2.zaid masood
3.waseem rehman
4.anoop kumar
5.mohd. faizan
6.faizul haque
7.aftab alam
9.ali haider
10.atif hasan

Adiction Roller Hockey Club players will be: 
1-Ankush GUPTA
3-Vikram GUPTA
4-Arvindeep SINGH
6-Rahul SHARMA
7-Vinay BAKSHI
8-Sanjeev KUMAR
9-Jugraaj SINGH
10-Simar SINGH

Champs Club of Jammb players will be: 
2-Aryaveer SINGH
3-Krish GUPTA
4-Paramveer SINGH
6-Ankush KHOLI

Beside the senior man's tournament there wil be competition between 4 junior teams, 3 clubs from Jammu City and another one from Delhi.
Another good news, is that there will be too, a girls tournament between 2 teams from Jammu City.

Blog about the Indian Roller Hockey, the beggining

We hope that this blog could help to spread all the World the Indian Roller Hockey.

We will try to update usually, with news, photos, videos... that can help all the interested about our Hockey.

If you want to help us send emails to ankushgupta1437@gmail.com or to rkh.xaral@gmail.com

You should visit too, our group on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ankushgupta1437

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