Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Addiction Roller Hockey Club wins the 1st Roller Hockey League

1st roller hockey league results :

In senior boys:
Winner- Addiction Roller Hockey Club, jammu
Runner up- Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Top 3 Scorer
1- JUGRAAJ SINGH,Charlie (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 23 Goals
2- RAHUL SHARMA (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 13 Goals
3- ARVINDEEP SINGH (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 11 Goals

In junior boys:
Winner- Junior Addiction Roller Hockey Club., jammu
Runner up- Roller Athlete Skating Club, jammu

Top 3 Scorer
1- RAHIL (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 12 Goals
2- RUPINER SINGH (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 7 Goals
3- VASU (Addiction Roller Hockey Club) - 2 Goals

In sub-junior girls:
Winner- Y.R.S.C. (A) , jammu
Runner up- Y.R.S.C. (B) , jammu
Top 3 Scorer
1- SIMRAN ( Y.R.S.C. 'A') - 5 Goals
2- GARVITA and AYUSHI (Y.R.S.C. 'B') - 2 goals EACH
3- SRISHTI ( Y.R.S.C. 'A') and PAARTHIVI ( Y.R.S.C. 'B') - 1 Goal EACH

In sub-junior boys:
Winner- Y.R.S.C. (A) , jammu
Runner up- Blazing Blues , jammu

Top 3 Scorer
1- RAHUL -(Indiana .R.S.C.) -11 Goals
2- DHRUV (Y.R.S.C. 'A') -8 Goals
3- NACHIKET (Y.R.S.C. 'A') -5 Goals

In inline senior boys:
Winner- Environmental skating Club, jammu
Runner up- Indiana Roller Skating Club, jammu
Top 3 scorer
1- RAJEEV ( Environmental skating Club ) - 3 Goals
2- DEVINDER PAL SINGH, JASMEET SINGH ( Environmental skating Club) and MANPREET SINGH, VEVEK, JOSH PAL SINGH ( Indiana Roller Skating Club) - 1 Goal EACH

info about AMU in http://indiaeducationdiary.in/ShowEE.asp?newsid=4518


  1. addiction roller hockey club rocks..........

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    abhi photos bhi upload karne hai..
    jaldi se pen drive main de dena aaj

  3. maan gaye ji aapkoooooooooo keep it upp bhai

  4. Thx for information!!!!

    There are pictures or websites to report on sub-junior girls or Y.R.S.C. ladies team?

  5. We dont have yet.Do you have ankush??Lets support the ladies too.

  6. i've some phots....
    i'll update it soon