Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delhi open tournament held at Punjabi Bagh Club 9-11 may 2011

Delhi open tournament was jointly held by DRSA and Punjabi Bagh Club and sponsored by Thukral Optical. Speed skaters and hockey teams came from all over Delhi schools, clubs, and in Hockey there were:
  • 3 teams in Midgets 
  • 6 teams in sub juniors 
  • 5 teams in juniors 
  • 5 teams in seniors.
In Midgets Team Toppers baged GOLD.
In Sub juniors Team Toppers bagged GOLD , CRJ school Bagged SILVER and Keep rolling Fed bagged Bronze ....
In Juniors ROLLER HAWKS bagged GOLD , TSA bagged SILVER and Ryan International school bagged BRONZE.
In Seniors GOLD was Bagged by none other than ROLLER HAWKS , while FIRE BLADES bagged SILVER and TSA bagged Bronze.
All the matches were played under the lights. It was one great experience to have a tournament under the lights for the first time in Delhi.

It's very important that an enterprise supported a Roller Hockey Tournament in India. Roller Hockey needs it support, so next you can find the contact of Tukral Optical main sponsor of this Championship:

Contact Person: Mr. Jatinder Thukral
Telephone: +(91)-(11)-47980000 / 47980000
Fax No: +(91)-(11)-47980047
Address: Shop No. 49, NWA Basement, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh Extension, New Delhi, Delhi - 110 018 (India)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PS-Thukral-Optical/140436009322271
(do a LIKE to show Mr. Jatinder that  we would like to see him sponsor again Roller Hockey)

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