Saturday, September 17, 2011

India finish in the last position

Last match this morning vs. USA (source: Miguel Matos)

Once again the results were not good to India.
It was proved in Barcelos (Portugal), like in 2009 Bassano (Italy), that India has a long way to improve the quality of it Roller Hockey.
The level is quite far from the other countries what means that Federation must change the way of thinking. It's not enough just to send young players to a World Cup and let them play there.
A good example of working was Angola national team. Some years ago they had a level not compared to countries like Portugal and Spain.
The Angolan Federation made a big effort and support them to play the last season in Portugal. Also before the World Cup they were in Portugal to prepare the World Cup playing against Portuguese teams. Why RSFI doesn't to the same, or ask for an international coach to be in India preparing their national teams or formating the actuals national coaches?

All the results of India in the 5th FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20

India 0 : 27 Argentina

India 1 : 22    England

Chile 15 : 0 India

South Africa 14 : 4 India

Austria 12 : 1 India

U.S.A 10 : 2 India

List of the goals by Indian players:

Rahul Bansal  3

Saurab Pathah 2

Nilesh Bajaj 1
Samjoe Chintagunti 1
Singh Jajpaz 1

The time is now and India it's the main Asian country in Roller Hockey
RSFI must wake up!!!

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