Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cash prize Payment of rs. 75000 has not been given to Addiction Roller Hockey club, jammu

Mr. Parmeet Singh Chhatwal (Bawa),
Organizer of R.H.P.L.

It has been a really shameful act on your part to avoid our calls and emails constantly for more than 1 month. For how long young players will have to wait to get their reward money. Better Stop cheating. You organize an event and now you are not fulfilling your commitment. It is really disgusting on your part if you don't honour your commitments shortly, we will be forced to go to the media and expose your wrong doings. We are also planning to lodge a formal complaint with the police authority to imitate lawful action against you to teach you a befitting action. We are also going to write a detailed note to all the state associations not to entertain you in future as you are nothing but a fraud.
-Addiction Roller Hockey Club , jammu.


  1. I can't believe :( Your a sad news

  2. That is about $1500.00 US according to the USD exchange....if I read it right:) That is a lot of money for any club. I am sorry to hear what has happened and hope the best for your club and youth. I look forward to a good outcome.