Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Roller Skating sports Festival Fateh Garh Shahib - 2011

The dates for the 1st Roller
Skating Sports Festival is from 9th
December 2011 to 11th December 2011
at Fateh Garh Sahib Bachat Bhawan.


Members of the organizing committee are

1. Mr. Gautam Kamboj (president R.R.S.C.)
2. Mr. ArjunGadi (press Secretary)
3. Mr. Satwant Singh Sohal (Gen. Seretary
4. Mr. Amar Singh Bhullar (Treasurer)
5. Mrs. Neeraj Dhiman (P.R.O. F.G.S. club)
6. Mr. Lakhwinder Singh (Gen. Secretary R.R.S.C.)
7. Mr. Vivek Gupta (member R.R.S.C.)
8. Mr
. Narinder Singh ( Mem
ber R.R.S.C.)

R.S.S.F committee have decided to hounor the best scorer of the tournament as a front player and
the best goalkeeper (deciding upon the goals )

Gautam Kamboj (Patiala) : 09914680001, 09041418001
Arjun Gadi (Haryana) : 09878555333, 09855999555
Amar Singh Bhullar (firozpur) : 09780201071
Vivek Gupta (Chandigarh) : 09781302606
Satwant Singh Sohal (F.G.S.) : 09803672780

R.S.S.F. Hockey Teams are
1. Royal Roller Sports Club (Regd)
2. Kurukshetra Warriors
3. F.G.S. Club
4. Firozpur Roller hockey Club
5. Khalsa Rollers(karnal)
6. Police Sports Club (Sangroor)
7. Sangroor Roller Hockey Club (Sangroor)
8. A.R.S.C. (Amritsar)
9. D.P.S. Yamuna nagar
10. Roller Hockey Club (Yamuna Nagar)

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