Monday, January 3, 2011

Roller Hockey Rankings Updated

One more time our friend Fernando Castro updated is fantastic work with the Roller Hockey Rankings.
According to clubs the best team of the world is Benfica (Portugal) with 2.554 while in India, our best team is: Addiction RHC  in the 668th position with 1.097 points, followed by  Panchkula in the 672th  with 1.081 points, Aligahr Muslim University India in 703th with 962 points,  Champs Club Jammu India in 727th with 763 points, Delhi Team India in 730 th with 661 points,  Punjab Police Club India in 731th with 656 points and finnaly Snipers Club India in 733 th with 473 points.

Our National time is the 29th in the World with 1.234 points (unfortunately the last one due to result in Dornbirn),while Spain is the best Nation of the World with 2.799 points.
The Indian young team is the 25th with 1229 while Spain U20 with 2.151 is the best of the world

This data shows that still there is a lot of work to do in Indian Roller Hockey,and if we want to up in these Rankings we should roll in the same rink,and the Federation should increase it work.

We expect that the next RSFI Championships will be the start of a new beginning!!!
Good Luck for all the Teams!!!

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  1. what about other teams like chandigarh and punjab. why arent they in rankings?