Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roller One and roller Hockey in India, now Rolling Together

THANK YOU/OBRIGADO Mr. Amadeu for sending these roller hockey stuff to INDIA, its our pleasure to work with such a great roller hockey company.
Our SKATERS liked your world class products equipments . . . .
We'll try our level best to publish your ROLLER ONE banner in our next CHAMPIONSHIP and now our players will wear your ROLLER ONE jersey in our next championship.
The playing kit and the shoe that you've given to us, will be wear by our India's top class player, highest goal scorer of 2011 Indian National championship 'JUGRAAJ SINGH (charlie)´.
Now i'll send a letter to Indian Federation regarding your Roller One company.
Hope for a positive result . . . !!!
Thanks once again
regards ANKUSH, Roller Hockey In India

A Roller One Banner

One pair of gluves and proteccions

10 Roller Hockey T-shirts and 4 Balls
1 pair of Shoes "Confort One"

All the stuff

This great news is starting to be reported in some of the most important Roller Hockey websites:


Thanks to all that want to help Indian Roller Hockey to be greater


  1. Dear Ankush:

    well done with this blog and I hope that the Roller Hockey in India will develop in a near future;

    I have been following your participations on International competitions and I understand that you need to improve technical aspects of the game;

    you have a great advantage that is the field hockey, where the ability to play with a stick can be transferred easily to roller hockey; this
    combined with good skating, you can achieve better places in the World Ranking;

    I'm at your disposal to discuss any technical support that you need and you can contact me on my e-mail address:


    all the best for you, your blog and players, tems and Clubs in India!!


    Zé Carlos

  2. Thanks a lot sir
    and it's our pleasure :)
    i'll surely contact you if i need any help and we also hope that in future Indian Roller Hockey will become more stronger . And thanks for your comment and reading our blog :)

  3. Lets have Ze Carlos in India this year :)

  4. will try our best ricardo
    and i just hope that this dream will come true :)